Larkin Avenue Baptist Church
Thursday, April 25, 2019

Collegiate Ministries





The Larkin Avenue Baptist Church offers two stipends for musicians attending an institution of higher education, with each musician eligible to receive $2000 per year, payable to his/her school. The scholarships will be paid as follows: $500 at the beginning of each of the two semesters, with the other $500 being paid mid-term of each semester. The stipends are granted on a semester basis, with recipients being required to apply for renewal of the stipend. The purpose of these stipends is two-fold: (1) To provide assistance for the student in pursuit of a college education; (2) To enhance the music ministry of Larkin Avenue Baptist Church.


In Exchange for the Scholarship, it is expected that the student will do the following:

-Play an instrument (preferably piano) at a level which displays the ability to sight read, and a level of comfort to play in a worship service

-Have a level of comfort for both contemporary and traditional Christian music

-Being able to provide vocal assistance would be make a positive contribution to the musician's skill set

-Be available to "substitute" for the Worship Music Leader when he/she is absent


To apply for the Scholarship, the student will:

-Send a letter of interest, indicating experience and training, to Larkin Avenue Baptist Church, 1158 Larkin Avenue, Elgin, IL 60123  or email it to

-Be available for an interview with church leadership, including the Worship Music Leader.

-Be available for a time of demonstrating musical skills

-Be available for approximately three hours on Sunday mornings, for fourteen Sundays each semester, along with a practice session during the week to be scheduled by the Worship Music Leader. Excused absences will include official music activities of the college/university (i.e., choir concert tours). Under extenuating circumstances recipients may request additional excused absences.

-Confirm agreement with the church's Articles of Faith and Church Covenant

-Provide no less than three references, and submit to a criminal background check


Additional Notes:

-Applicants will need to sign a statement indicating a concurrence with the church's Articles of Faith and Church Covenant.

-While Scholarship Recipients will not be required to have formal church membership at Larkin Avenue Baptist Church, they are certainly welcome to request formal membership (the church offers a dual-membership program for college students in which they can become members of LABC while maintaining membership at their "home" church)

-The church's Worship Music Leader will provide supervision to the musicians

-Letters of interest will be received until the two positions are filled.