Larkin Avenue Baptist Church
Sunday, January 24, 2021


In order to provide as safe and secure an environment as possible for our ministry participants, and to minimize the ministry’s and workers’ vulnerability to unwarranted accusation, the following procedures have been adopted and will be strictly enforced.
Prior to consideration for a position, any candidate who may be working with preschoolers, children, youth or the disabled will complete and return an initial ministry application.
The ministry application will be carefully reviewed by a team leader, or designee, to make certain that the worker will be appropriate for the ministry position, based on the information provided.
If the person appears to be appropriate for the ministry work, then at least two of the references will be checked to confirm the information provided on the ministry application.
Any information indicating that a candidate poses a threat to the welfare of others or has any prior history of physical or sexual abuse directed against another person will result in the immediate removal of the individual candidate from consideration for a ministry position within this church.
A criminal background check will be performed through a state law enforcement agency with respect to any candidate seeking to work with preschoolers, children, youth, or the disabled.
Any responses to any information received that is deemed questionable shall be referred to the church trustees.
Each person at LABC who works with preschoolers, elementary, middle school, or high school students have a fingerprint background check by which provides both FBI and Illinois State Police criminal histories.