Larkin Avenue Baptist Church
Monday, August 08, 2022

Debbie Sanders

Debbie's Story -


My name is Debbie.  This is my story of hope and having abundantly life now.


I grew up in a highly dysfunctional home.  My mother was going through chronic depression of experiencing the death of my older sister of 3 ½ years old.  My father’s way of dealing with such pain was a life at the bar and alcoholism. 


I was now the oldest of four.  At such an early age I had such great responsibility of taking care of my siblings that was over whelming for me.  My siblings resented me and as a result my relationship with them was of great frustration and much anger.


As a young child I was asked to go to church by a church bus driver.  I was fortunate that my parents let me go.  This was my first experience hearing about God’s love for me and how much Jesus loved me.  It was the greatest place of refuge for me.


I’ll never forget one Sunday morning at church when I had the chance of talking with someone about accepting Jesus into my life as Lord and Savior.  I took that opportunity to talk with someone and they explained to me about how much God loved me, how He  sent His Son to die for me so I could have everlasting life and  that I could have right now if I asked Jesus to come into my life as my Savior.


I knew the Bible said:  I was a sinner and needed forgiveness for the sins I had committed.  I needed to believe God sent His only Son, Jesus, to die on the cross for my sins. I needed to repent of my sins and believe Jesus would forgive me and I could have eternal life with Him forever.


I believed what the Bible said was true.  That day I asked Jesus to come into my life and to be my Lord and Savior.  This was the happiest day of my life!  About forty-five years later, I can still say that the day I asked Jesus into my life was the very best day of my life!  Through many difficult times, I knew I could not make it without Jesus helping me get through those times. 


Some of things Jesus helped me deal with were a matter of life and death.  I went through a time of suicidal thoughts, depression, self-harm, rape, and being diagnosed having bi-polar disorder. These were some of the darkest times of my life.  Without a doubt Jesus was there to help me through those most difficult days.


I still have days of challenge, but I know I am not going through them alone.  Jesus is with me every step of the way!  You can have this free gift of eternal life and have a Savior who loves you and will be with you every step of the way.


Debbie Sanders


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