Larkin Avenue Baptist Church
Saturday, January 23, 2021
A few weeks ago the church took a really bold step when it voted to indefinitely suspend its Sunday School program. While it would be so easy to perceive this as a step in closing the church’s doors, that is hardly the direction we are going!
Our church’s Sunday School attendance has found itself unable to provide a class for students, and in reality, we have found ourselves not able to provide for preschoolers and elementary children with an appropriate number of teachers.
Within eighteen months, we will have up to 160 new neighbors living across the street in the old Larkin Center. We are simply unable to teach that number of people with the number of people we have now.
We are going to take several months to pray and really see what God is doing around us, what kind of people are around us, and what kind of people He seems to be sending our way. This fall, we do hope to have some type of skeletal Bible study ministry for adults, and perhaps students. We can develop multiplying disciples who will understand that Jesus expects His follows to pass along (teach) what they have received.
We have our prayer meeting on Sundays at 9:15 am. We hope to have folks go out on prayer walks, while others will stay at the church building to pray. Please join us for this. Much of our lack of growth can be attributed to lack of prayer.
We are also looking for that individual who can lead this Bible study ministry, someone who is good with organizing, inspiring, and relating to people well.
Stay tuned. You will be reading some good things in the days ahead about our Bible Teaching ministry..